Apresentando cidades pedaláveis: junte-se a nós (em inglês)

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cidades cicláveis

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cidades cicloinclusivas

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Horário para assistir no Brasil: 11h00 (horário de Brasília)



Introducing Cycling Cities: Join Us For the Ride

What if our cities embraced, encouraged and elevated cycling? How would that transform our streets? How would it transform access and opportunity for people?

The Cycling Cities campaign seeks to find out. Cycling Cities brings together cities, NGOs and civil society organizations, and private sector partners working to increase access for 25 million more people to safe and connected cycle lanes in their cities by 2025. We will start by learning from each other.

Join us for this virtual discussion, where representatives from Guadalajara, Mexico, and Kigali, Rwanda, two of our leading campaign cities, and UN Environment Program (UNEP), a founding campaign partner, will share their recent approaches to making cycling safer and more accessible for all. We will hear from panelists about why cycling matters for their cities, and discuss challenges, adjustments to plans and programs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and opportunities to continue rethinking streets for cycling over cars. And, we will share how you can join us for the ride!