Ruas para a vida: salvando vidas na estrada por meio de velocidades seguras (em inglês)

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World Bank

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Horário para assistir no Brasil: 10h00 (horário de Brasília)

Horário de transmissão: 9AM ET


Streets for Life: Saving Lives on the Road through Safe Speeds

Speed is one of the main risk factors in road crashes and is often cited as being the leading contributor to death and serious injury on the world’s roads. This is because higher speed is associated with a significantly higher crash risk – even small increases in speed can have a big consequence, and the probability of injury and the severity of a crash increases rapidly with higher impact speeds.

In a bid to help address the collective impact of speed as a contributor to crash risks, the World Bank’s Global Road Safety Facility (GRSF) will celebrate the 6th UN Global Road Safety Week by hosting the High-level Panel “Streets for life: Saving lives on the road through safe speeds.” In this year’s theme “Streets for life: #Love30”, this event will be focused on communications strategies for speed management initiatives in low-and middle-income countries, promoting key knowledge products and a new Speed Management Hub that advocates and calls for action on low-speed streets worldwide, limiting speeds to 30 km/h (20 mph) where people walk, live and play.

For GRSF, this activity will mark an important milestone in the roadmap towards establishing the Second Decade of Action in Road Safety 2030. This interactive event will provide information and technical sessions on evidence-based road safety knowledge to help manage speeds through infrastructure interventions, effective enforcement, targeted awareness measures, and vehicle technology.

Opening Remarks

  • Pablo Fajnzylber, Acting Vice President and Director of Strategy and Operations, Infrastructure, World Bank

Technical Presentation

  • Radoslaw Czapski, Senior Transport Specialist & Program Manager, World Bank GRSF
  • Alina Burlacu, Senior Transport Specialist and Program Manager, World Bank GRSF

High Level Panel

  • Hartwig Schafer, Vice President, South Asia Region, World Bank
  • Etienne Krug, Director, Department of the Social Determinants of Health, WHO
  • Jean Todt, UN Special Envoy for Road Safety, FIA president
  • Susanna Zammataro, Director General, International Road Federation
  • Mamta Murthi, Vice President, Human Development, World Bank
  • Moderator: Binyam Reja, Acting Global Director, Transport Global Practice, World Bank

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