Sustainable Safety 3rd edition – The advanced vision for 2018-2030

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Mobility is an important human need. Through participation in traffic
we are able to get to work, go shopping or go to see our friends and
family. We can choose to drive, take public transport or to cycle or go
for a walk to keep healthy. In order to meet these mobility needs, both
now and in the future, road traffic ought to be safe and also remain
For a number of years, road safety in the Netherlands has been in decline: whilst road deaths are no
longer decreasing, serious road injuries continue to increase (Figure 1). The safety of cyclists is a specific
problem, not only in terms of road deaths, but also in terms of serious road injuries. These developments
demand a renewed focus on road safety.
Society is also changing (see also Table 1). The traffic system and other factors are no longer similar to
those of a decade ago, and will keep changing in the coming decades. For example, we have witnessed
changes in the traffic composition, in the demographics of road users (especially ageing), urbanization and
technological developments (increasing automation of traffic tasks, etc.). Moreover, the political-societal
context is moving further towards decentralization, there is greater emphasis on integral solutions and
extra focus on shared responsibilities. In short, the time is ripe for a new impetus to the strategic approach
towards road safety, particularly from a societal perspective.

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