Bicycling Benefits Business: the economic benefits of bicycle industry an infrastructure

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Introduction: Why is bicycling good for the economy? 4
National Economic Impact Studies 5
State Economic Impact Studies 5
Regional/City Economic Impact Studies 7
Business Districts and Business Impacts 8
Bicycle Parking and Storage 10
Docked and Dockless Shared Micromobility 12
Capital Bikeshare, Washington, D.C. 12
Bicycle Friendly Businesses 13
Bicycle Shops and Bicycle Industry Related Businesses 13
Organized Rides and Bicycle Tourism 14
Conclusion 15
Endnotes 16



Across the United States, bicycling
is reinvigorating communities and
strengthening economies. From bringing
tourism to cities and small towns in the
rust belt near the Schuylkill River trail,
to reviving the once-thriving business
atmosphere on Columbia, SC’s main
street, bicycling is driving millions of
dollars in spending toward diverse
communities. Bicycling is also leading to
massive health care savings, especially
in midwestern states like Iowa and
Michigan. Innovative programs like
bike share are connecting underserved
neighborhoods to downtowns in the
nation’s capital and major urban centers.
Each year, diverse examples from across
the country demonstrate the clear
economic benefits of bicycling.

This report highlights the positive
impact of bicycling on small businesses,
neighborhoods, and regional and local
economies. The evidence demonstrates
that when governments and businesses
invest in bicycling infrastructure, every
level of the economy benefits. Such
investments are a cost-effective way to
encourage an environmentally-friendly
mode of transportation that leads to
increased spending at small businesses,
generates tourism dollars, and brings
communities together. Put simply:
bicycling means business.




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